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Who we are

Excellence in logistics in GE Holding’s Global operations.

Monkey Rock is a US company controlled by GE Holding, Srl. The latter offers a wide range of services in the transportation and logistics sector. From warehouse handling to expert management of international shipments, including land transportation and temporary work. The professionalism of over 1,900 employees ensures effective and reliable solutions to meet the logistical needs of every client, with unparalleled precision and quality.

International growth and integration

We are preparing an ambitious acquisition campaign to become a global logistics group, exceeding $2 billion in turnover within 24 months. Focused on SMEs, we plan to deliver integrated and highly efficient services, operational 24/7, worldwide.
GE Holding expands into Europe and worldwide, building an integrated logistics group that sets new global standards.
Excels as a leader in warehouse handling, land transportation, and international shipments, ensuring efficiency and precision.
New perspectives on the horizon: air freight, port management, and final distribution, expanding the range of solutions offered.
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